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 Music Info & Reviews
MTV India  
Tips music  
World fusion music  
Music at Angelfire  
Classical music network  
All music guide  
Classical music in UK  
Classical music in USA  
Rolling stone magazine  
News at Apun ka choice  
Radio city  
The Rap Dictionary  

Bollywood MP3's  
MP3 shits - Free downloads  
eMP3 World  
Max Albums  
Free MP3 Albums  
Music Mass  

 Buy or Customize music
Music web  
Top telemedia services  
Collector's choice  
Columbia music club  
Smas hits  
Copies anything  
Sony music India  

 Compose Songs
Song text network  
Make your own songs  

 Online Music & Musicians
Radio India FM  
Tamil songs network  
Tamil beat  
Independent bands  
Musicians available  
Instant Karma  
Launchcast radio at Yahoo  
Garage band  
The Flaming Lips band  
92.5 FM  
Virgin radio  
Radio masala on web  
Dishant online music  
Radio smashits  
Music India online  
Oosai - Tamil music  

 Instrument Strings
Guitar site  
Just strings  

 Record Companies
Song specialist  
Universial Music Group  
Virgin records  

 File Sharing/Downloads
Kazaa download  
Apple music  
File sharing at LimeWire  

 Music School
Music indiana school  

 Digitial Music Player
MP3 music  
MP3 machine  
Real player  
MP3 now  

 Off-beat Links
Civil war music  
Irish music network  
Folk music of Britian  

 Song lyrics
Hottest lyrics  


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