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 Schooling resources
Pink monkey  
Brain place  
How stuff works  
Internet library  
MSN Learning  
Bench marking plus  

 Java/JavaScript reference
Java tutorials  
Java Script tutorials  
JavaScript kit  
JavaScript tutorials  
JS examples  

 XML resources
Learn XML Web  
Top XML  

 Network resources
Server watch  

 OS resources
Redhat Linux  
Windows Eventid  

 Developers community
Site experts  
MS - Community newsgroups  

 Word dictionary
All words dictionary  
English dictionary  
Free dictionary  
Foreign word  
Thesaurus Dictionary  
Your Dictionary  

 Language resources
I love languages  
Learn Dutch Online  

 Health resources
Health Library  
Genealogy study  

 ASP/VB reference
4 guys from rolla  
15 seconds  
ASP Objects  
ASP for blondes  
Planet source code  
ASP friends  
ASP 101  
VB Script tutorials  
Virtual conspiracy  
Visual Basic articles  
ASP boot camp  
Cover your ASP  
Sloppy code  
ASP Index  
ASP Edit  

 Database reference
Open static  
ADO Connections  

 Free softwares
Free resources  
Free software downloads  
Free software tutorials  

 Computer dictionary
Tech dictionary  
Computer hope  
Free computer dictionary  

 Developers library
MSDN Library  
Tech tutorials  
Web Developer's Resources  
What is ?  
Web school  
Style sheet resources  
Font lab  
Free layouts  
Web reference  
VB City  
Apache resources  
Web developers journal  
Forum Nokia  
Web Consortium  
DevX Project Cool  
Dynamic drive  
Handheld development  
Virtual Library  
December tutorials  
HTML Code Tutorials  
Make a shorter link  
HTML colors  
IT Portal  

 .NET resources
Richtextbox editor  
MS QuickStart Tutorials  
Learn Visualstudio .NET  
Programming .NET  
Dot Net bips  
ASP free  
Dave and Al  
Learn ASP  
ASPNET at 4Guysfromrolla  
Super expert controls  
DOT NET Junkies  
.NET Tutorials  
Got Dot Net  
ASP.NET - Official MS site  
Triple ASP.NET  
Metabuilder's stuff  

 Design/Case tools
User Interface Engineering  
Process impact  
Business System Analysis  
Data & Analysis Center  
OSM tutorials  
Usability & Web Design  


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